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The Chancellor's humour today peppered around some dry, but important, statistics won't prevent today's headline being all about the self employed Class 4 national insurance increase from 9% to 10% in April 2018 and 11% from April 2019. 

Posted on in Business Tax

Your accounts need exercising as much as you do.

This starts with putting in quality figures fit for purpose. And ends with the ability to work the figures so they demonstrate and clarify things for you, helping you make better decisions. 

Today's first and last Autumn Statement of the Chancellor, Spreadsheet Phil, was perhaps a taste of things to come in a post-Brexit Teresa May government.

A sense of clamping down on any perceived unfairness necessitated by the expected poor post-Brexit finances for years to come. 

Following the non-reversible Brexit vote last Thursday, how should you navigate your business through the inevitable uncertainty?