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Today is the last day of the 2017 tax year and you may be interested to hear the more common tax queries our clients have asked during the tax year. 

Following the non-reversible Brexit vote last Thursday, how should you navigate your business through the inevitable uncertainty?

Posted on in Business Tax

1. 4 Years - If you are in the first 4 years of your business and make a loss, you can use this loss to reduce your tax bill in the previous 3 years, such as from the job you had before you set up your business. You will receive a tax refund.

2. £5,725 - If your profits are lower than £5,725, you don't have to pay the annual £140 Class 2 NI, unless you need a credit towards your state pension. Ask for a repayment for earlier years.

3. £7,755 - If your profits are higher than £7,755, you will pay 9% Class 4 NI. This gets you no state benefits and effectively increases your tax rate from the 20% income tax rate to a total 29% tax rate.


Timing is everything for these sole traders and limited companies.

Where a small B2C business is having a bad time, usually on the high street, their turnover may now be lower than in the past and under the VAT threshold of £77k over the last 12 months.

De registering for VAT is very tempting as it either improves your margins, or allows you to price more competitively, or a mixture of both.

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