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#Tax Myth 6 - Sole Trader Start Ups Don't Receive Tax Incentives

You have probably heard of lots of incentives for those who invest in start up companies. This is where individuals pay money to a company in exchange for shares in that company. The tax system helps subsidise the investor's risk in the new unproven business.

But what about your own sole trader business?

It might be small scale and, as there are no shares, it's probably just your money. Aren't you taking a risk? Where are the incentives for you? After all, you might have a good idea which in the future trades from a limited company.


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Final Chance For The Best Tax Relief When Buying Machinery

And a few other assets.......

April 2012 sees the end of 100% capital allowances tax relief for annual spend up to £100,000.

What am I talking about?


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