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3 Reasons Halloween Is More Scary Than The TaxMan

1. Children (and adults) come to your door demanding treats.

OK, I agree that HMRC does the same for cash and more of it, but at least there there are some rules in place as to what they can take and when.

There's no limit to the number of sweets which have to be handed out, and only sweets or chocolate are the acceptable currency. Don't try fruit which I did one year.....it didn't end well.

2. You can be taken by surprise.

OK, HMRC can do this too. However, with good advice and taking some care over the details, this shouldn't happen.

Whereas with Halloween you don't know who'll be at your door next, asking for what, and there are no letters in advance giving you time to gather your thoughts.

3. You can't complain.

If HMRC get it wrong, there are ways to complain, appeal and even involve your MP.

Tonight none of us can complain to anyone. Not even the parents who are often hiding round the corner encouraging Johnny to demand his treats.

Happy Halloween?!


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