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Interesting debates are developing in the media about the level of tax avoidance which is acceptable. On the one hand we're all tax avoiders to some degree, whereas others claim they don't avoid any tax. Here's my definition of the unacceptable end. If you can say YES to ANY of these questions, you might be an 'unacceptable' tax avoider!

You may ask why do you put yourself through this every year?

You know the deadline in advance, and you have a whole 10 months to get your income tax return done, so what is stopping you?

1. Children (and adults) come to your door demanding treats.

OK, I agree that HMRC does the same for cash and more of it, but at least there there are some rules in place as to what they can take and when.

There's no limit to the number of sweets which have to be handed out, and only sweets or chocolate are the acceptable currency. Don't try fruit which I did one didn't end well.

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Taxpayers have benefited from recent changes allowing cash accounting for sole traders and simplified company reporting. The press releases accompanying these changes talk  a lot about simplification, with the sub-text that enterprise Britain enables small businesses to deal easily direct with HMRC and companies house. There is no need to pay an accountant so say the politicians.

The reality for small business owners is very different.


#Tax law is set up by different politicians at different times to achieve different aims, so we often end up with a strange mix of outcomes.

You may know what your Income is for income tax & national insurance purposes, but what about pension purposes? Child benefit high income charge? Childcare vouchers?

Here's a list of the main sources of income and when they're applicable when dealing with #HMRC: