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Budget 2020 - A pot-hole free drive in your electric car through magic money trees?

There is much to be happy about in today's Budget, where the magic money trees are well and truly thriving!

Businesses will benefit from many announcements, particularly those who trade from a property, have one or two employees, and need a new car!

Business rates are abolished for a year for rateable values of less than £51k and these same businesses will receive a £3k grant, as a response to the Coronavirus but it's also part of the overall picture of dealing with competition from Amazon and other online retailers.


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Springing Tax Changes On Us From April 2020

With the spring Budget less than two weeks away, it's easy to forget some major changes due to come in this spring unlikely to be changed by the Chancellor. 

Property Interest Tax Relief - Full restriction

Four years ago this seemed a long way off, but we're now here. From April, there will be no tax deduction for interest on your buy-to-let mortgage. You'll get a calculated tax credit at 20% offset against your tax bill, but your taxable income is reduced only by repairs, professional fees, void period costs, etc.

This means you're more likely to find yourself in the higher rate tax band than before or having to pay back child benefit. Or even at the £100k threshold where your tax free personal allowance starts to get taken away. 


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#Tax Myth 12 - Tax is only due on money received

Now or later....For example, you're probably aware that when an invoice is raised it's usual to include it in Turnover. If the invoice is not paid by your year end, it will increase your Profits for tax purposes. Hopefully by the time the tax is due, normally 9 or 10 months after the year end, you've been paid so you're not losing out on cash flow.

However, you may not be aware that if as a shareholder in your SME company you rearrange your shareholdings by giving away shares to family non-spouse members or employees, tax can be due on you.

That doesn't make sense!


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Spend your capital gain and pay no tax - only 170 days to go!

This is a one off tax relief within the new SEIS introduced in March's Budget.

If you have recently exchanged, or expect to before the end of the tax year, eg on a buy-to-let property, and don't welcome the 28% capital gains tax bill, you could take the view that a government subsidy to encourage you to invest your gain in a new company will help you take a risk.

For example, if you sell an asset for £250,000 and make a gain of £50,000, the capital gains tax due @ 28% is £14,000.


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